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Hip Flexor Stretching Exercises & Mobility Stretch for PSOAS 😄

In my latest YouTube video I discuss Hip Flexor Mobility and How to Stretch the Hip Flexors – Opening up the PSOAS 😄

In my opinion Hip Flexor Stretching Exercises are some of the most important ones you can perform. In the above video I cover a stretch you can perform in 10-15min that will help with tight hip flexors and overall hip flexor mobility!😄

Hip and Thoracic Stretch

Try this simple but effective approach to hip mobility – the Ultimate Hip Stretch and Mobility Drill (ILIOPSOAS SOLUTION!). This is an awesome hip flexor stretch done correctly – give it a try!

Due to all the sitting in society today, the hip flexor complex including the Iliopsoas Complex; a group of 3 muscles in the hip. There is one group in the right and one on the left, both consisting of the Psoas Major muscle, the Iliacus muscle, and the Psoas Minor muscle.

Iliopsoas-muscle stretches

The first muscle is the Psoas Major which begins on the side of the low back from the T12 vertebra (the vertebra with the 12th rib to the L1 through L5 vertebrae – lumbar spine/low back). It travels forward and down the ball & socket joint of the hip and attaches to the lessor trochanter of the femur bone (near the top and inside aspect of the shaft of the leg bone).

The second is the Iliacus Muscle which begins on the inside of the pelvic bone, lining the inside of the “bowl” shape of the pelvis. It also comes forward and down and attaches where the Psoas Major attaches  on the top/inside part of the femur.

Together, they are called the Iliopsoas muscle.

The main purpose of the complex is to flex the hip joint or lift the thigh bone up towards the pelvis/trunk. With enough mobility, strengthening and flexibility, it’s strong enough to raise the leg higher than waist level or more than 90 degrees.

Hip Flexor Stretching

I suggest performing a lunge style movement with band assistance, and even without. You can also perform it with just a broom stick, or random stick, or weighted bar if you can find one. The objective is to rotate the body to open the hip complex as well as the thoracic spine.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Here are some other examples of how you can perform lunging hip stretches with rotational movement. Many of these movements are common in yoga, workout routines, and much more. It’s important to move the body, and personally I enjoy using weighted assistance or sticks/bars with my mobility.😄

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