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YouTube (www.youtube.adamevans.ca) is something I have started being more involved with in 2013 with weekly Video Logs (VLOG’s) and more. I discuss topics ranging from health and fitness, to mindful discussions, and really anything I feel like talking about 😉

Thought Media

Thought Media (www.thoughtmedia.com) is a Website Design, Web Software Development, Graphic Design, Video Animation, and Digital Marketing company. I’m a creative director/project manager for this organization.


LifeHack.org is the leading source of practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, Happiness, Productivity, Relationships, and more. I’m a human optimization blogger/Author, and content contributor for LifeHack.


We the æther Podcast 道♡ॐ☪✝🔥 🎙🎧  Satsang on philosophy, religion, spirituality, health, fitness, wellness.

Mobility WOD

MobilityWOD helps people live better, and stronger lives through Mobility and functional movement. Optimize your Mobility, Prevent Injury, Train Smarter, Recover Better, Treat Your Own Pain & Injuries, Enjoy Performance Gains, Understand Your Physiology. I’m a member of TeamMWOD – The Original Movement & Mechanics Innovators. Sign Up Today for daily mobility tips!

Universal Pet Supply Co. (UniversalPetSupply.co) is a retailer, distributor, and Amazon Seller of various pet products and supplies.

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Statusboom (www.statusboom.com) is a social media influencer marketing service.

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Illusive Design (www.illusivedesign.ca) is a website design and software development company which I founded in 2002 and was later acquired in 2009.

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