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Motivation to Workout, How to Get Motivated to Workout

Do you find yourself lacking motivation to workout, and wondering how to get motivated? Well it’s actually quite simple.. and I just uploaded a YouTube Video today explaining How to Get Motivated to Workout.

I was finishing up training yesterday and an old elementary school friend of mine approached me in the gym to say hey. I hadn’t seen him in MANY years, and we were discussing how he sometimes lacks motivation to workout, and finds it difficult to get exercise for this reason. I explained to him that in fact I wasn’t quite feeling 100% myself on that particular day, and that I was in the gym exactly for that reason.

Basically if you don’t feel motivated to workout, that in itself is the source of motivation. Think of the human brain as a piece of pattern recognition hardware/software, and the decisions you make will ‘soft-code’ pathways. When feeling unmotivated your mind may tell you to be lazy, sluggish, and basically do nothing.. but this is a cyclic pattern of thinking which will always lead you back down the same pathway. If you’re feeling low energy, taking no action to improve that will continue to yield low bioenergetics.

noun: bioenergetics
  1. the study of the transformation of energy in living organisms.
  2. a system of alternative psychotherapy based on the belief that emotional healing can be aided through resolution of bodily tension.

how-to-get-motivatedIn this embedded vlog I explain how one can utilise brain training, and building new optimal neural pathways. Each time you feel unmotivated, immediately transmute that feeling to one of a strong, energetic, healthy being.. and get moving! If you feel like sitting on the couch, get up and walk around, or go for a jog, or do some push-ups.. get your body moving! Have you ever heard the term ‘you are what you eat’? Well think of this as ‘you are what you DO’! Meaning if you sit like a lump on a log, that’s what you’re training your body to be comfortable with, and training your brain’s neural pathways to default to. When you get up and move; challenging the lack of motivation, you are immediately improving your circumstance and making optimal choices that are cognitively collected in the brain’s synapses. Your brain will then be more likely to default to the optimal pathway which you’ve carved out. This concept is much akin to another youtube vlog I had created discussing transmutation of negativity with polarization.

Next time you’re feeling unmotivated, I challenge you to get up and do exactly what it is you are unmotivated to do.. Don’t let the mind spin, just simply get up and DO – take action – make the change – and build optimal neural pathways to set yourself up for success the next time.

Remember your true nature is that of a human being – adaptable, intelligent, physically capable of achieving great things. Let yourself align with your true nature, don’t let MIND get in the way.

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