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So You’ve Got a Website For Your Business. Now what?

You’ve established your online presence with a clean coded, well optimized website. You’re all set, right? Wrong! While your website anchors you to the internet it can not be a static place. The internet is constantly changing, new and quicker methods of coding are being created, ranking algorithms change and new social media platforms are popping up. You have to accommodate the internet’s changes or you’ll slowly fade away.

Maintaining Your Website

You don't let your lawn go unmaintained, why would you do so with your website and online business?

You don’t let your lawn go unmaintained, why would you do so with your website and online business?

Maintaining your website goes far beyond just dusting it off and removing broken links. One of the goals of your website is to rank highly in the search engine results listings. Google is constantly updating its algorithms to improve customer services, weed out spam rankings and keep up with the speed of technology. Your website needs to keep up too. Old coding can be replaced with new faster coding to come into compliance with Google’s new speed requirements. Cleaner navigation systems can be installed. And of course, in bound and out bound links still need to be checked for accuracy. Your site may need to be re-optimized if Google’s standards have changed. All of these chores are a must to just keep your website from falling behind that of the competition. Internet marketing companies, like statusboom, are available to help you with your website housekeeping.

Updating Your Website

Updating your websiteTo get yourself ahead of the competition you’ll need to update your website. Google’s recent changes in algorithms advocate for up-to-date information and reward it with higher rankings. You’ll need to keep generating well thought out content in the form of articles, blog posts, downloadable guides and information sheets. Periodically, you’ll need to think about changing colour schemes and fonts to give your human viewers something new at which to look.

Leveraging Marketing

Social Media Marketing and NetworkingYour website is should become the hub of your social media marketing strategy. Embedding your Twitter feed into your website can create a new source of regularly updated content. Tweets can extol the virtues of your products and services. They can also serve as a call to action to purchase, download or otherwise engage with your website. Facebook and Google + like or fan pages will link easily to your website and can create other sources of interest and information exchange. These are great places for give aways, contests and special offers. Your ultimate goal is to engage your customer, humanize your brand and convert prospects into customers.

The work doesn’t stop with the creation of your website. If developed correctly your website will serve you faithfully for years to come, generating income, converting prospective into customers and fostering brand loyalty.

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