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The internet has been in existence for a couple of decades. Each year it has been growing immensely in terms of users and viewer-ship  Billions of people access the internet and millions of companies have their pages on it. Companies use it with the main aim of reaching their potential target groups.

Being that my profession leaves me staring at screens and devices all day, every day, I have taken it upon myself to utilize my time to acquire as much knowledge as possible within certain areas. I do so through hours upon hours of research online. One of those areas of interest has been Health, Fitness, and Nutrition. Beyond that I have even started learning about how to improve my energetic and psychological strength through “virtual mentors” and AudioBooks.

Internet marketing is vital for any business. Companies have structured their marketing strategies in line with SEO strategies and social media reach. Social media marketing is growing in popularity because of the billions of registered users who access websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, and so many more.

The internet is also valuable to individuals. It has an abundance of information on different topics. The scope of information that is on the internet cannot be exhausted. Any topic that a person can think of has an abundance of online information readily available.

Millions of people are adding information online on a daily basis. 72 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute, more than 1 billion users visit the site each month, and in 2011 alone YouTube had more than 1 trillion views. I personally spend more than 5 hours a day on YouTube, most of which is either spent working on the Adam Evans YouTube Channel, or watching others. Facebook has over one billion active users and it gets millions of posts daily. Facebook is the leading social networking site based on the number of active users.

Facebook and Twitter allow their users to access a lot of information that is shared by people. They all work with the same concept whereby once someone views something interesting either as a tweet or post, they can repost or retweet it. This makes information reach more people quickly. Companies also have social accounts, hence whenever they want to pass information they usually use their pages/profiles to do so. Most people have reported that they have come across news and information on Social Media, which they would not have seen or heard under normal circumstances.

Another information packed website is bodybuilding.com; containing an abundance of info on Health and Fitness, with articles and forums on almost all topics that deal with exercise and nutrition. YouTube even has a lifetime of information on health, fitness, and bodybuilding.

Aside from the obvious WikipediaAudible, Amazon and EBook are the perfect destination for people who love to read. They contain content on most of what has ever been written and they allow users to access the articles or purchase eBooks/AudioBooks.

The internet is useful and recommended for everyone. The scope of what can be achieved from using the accessible information is limitless. It’s the best place that an individual can quickly and conveniently obtain knowledge and skills that will help them achieve greatness or “Mastery” in any particular field of interest.

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