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Your Mental Well Being and Overall Health Impacts your Business

I figured a post about this should follow a YouTube video I had posted yesterday about Stress, Mood, and Climate changes.

Did you know? There are many different occurrences that can affect your business at any point in time.

Stressed at WorkThese occurrences commonly have a lot to do with the climate of any given situation. When you think about it, climate can affect the overall mood of people, environments and even inanimate objects.

Mood can change how a business operates. As an example, businesses operating with a positive morale typically last longer and work harder. Those with a negative climate or atmosphere have lower morale and work output—most of the time, some employees even start leaving the workforce.

When it comes to your business, though, your well being can make or break its overall daily operations and performance. In other words, you can’t perform if you’re unhealthy—so it’s always a great idea to start improving yours now.

Employee Morale and HappinessBusinesses, like yours, can benefit from boosting the morale of you and your employees. As an example, encouraging your workforce to take care of themselves helps increase their overall productivity and performance, makes them become more engaged with their work, improves employee-employer relations and even helps increase employee retention over time. Businesses function at their most creative with improved employee morale—and this may lead to creative business decisions that improve your company’s income.

Healthy EatingWe cycle through many different moods at many different times, commonly because of different situations that affect us. In the workplace, negativity can impact an employee as they work. Alternatively, the type of exercise and diet you get everyday also impedes work performance. Eating right simply gives you more energy to use throughout the day. If you have a moment, checkout Grace Agosta‘s website and blog on Organic and Healthy Foods and Eating.

In fact, consuming healthy carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables gives the body enough fuel to function well throughout the week. Coupled with regular exercise, which can just include walking or cycling to work, eating well can change your entire disposition.

On a company-wide level, you as an employer can encourage your employees to look after their own mental and physical well being, which in turn, can inspire better morale and productivity in the company as a whole.

You may actually lower the costs it takes to run your company, thanks to introducing employee well being and fitness care to your company’s workforce. As always, it’s a great thing to make back on your investments, especially when you’re running a company. This time around, not only will your financial investments stick around, but your employees will too, thanks to their improved mental and physical health.

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