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YouTube Will Be in the Living Room Within the Next 2 Years

I have personally been using YouTube since 2005, and created my account in 2006; making my YouTube account a “Legacy Account”. Only in the past couple weeks have I begun uploading videos to My Channel. Why? I personally believe that YouTube and Google as a parallel organization has been making moves to “take over” the living room for many years. Within the next 2 years I believe this will really come into fruition.

Zotac Mini PCIn the past I’ve used many methods of “broadcasting” YouTube within my Living room… One being with a laptop and projector, shooting a 150″ projection onto my wall. This approach was cool for a while, and console gaming was pretty neat as well, however during light days it became an issue due to the projection becoming less visible. As a result I opt’d to go with a Zotac Mini PC, and an LG 55″ 3D TV; this method has been the best thus far and I highly recommend checking it out. Pickup the Zotac on eBay for around $200-$300, and grab any LED/LCD TV 🙂

YouTube Video - Charlie Bit MeThe internet is booming and it’s really no surprise that YouTube is still pretty far up in the social media rankings.  If you’ve never actually posted a video or a link on YouTube chances are that you’ve at least stopped by from time to time to check out a funny clip or even to learn something educational.  YouTube isn’t just for funny videos and laughing out loud with friends it’s a great way to learn something educational and even catch up on a music video from time to time.

It really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that social media is a great platform.  It allows us to be creative, connect with friends and obtain new friends, it also helps us to expand our networking through jobs and professionals.  YouTube is certainly no exception to the ever growing demand for social media.  It is just full of streaming content to help you improve your cooking skills, learn how to do a French braid or even learn to play the piano.  If you haven’t done much digging on the site you really have no idea what you’ve been missing.


With YouTube’s ever-growing popularity in the next few years it could replace televisions and cable in some homes.  That’s right, individuals are finding ways to add more and more content each and every day that many of us won’t have the need for an expensive cable bill anymore.  If you’ve spent any time at all on Facebook or Twitter chances are you’ve been directed to a YouTube link.  They are social media sites that tend to intertwine quite a bit these days.  You can’t browse Facebook or Twitter without seeing a post to a YouTube video or someone discussing how they just saw something amazing!

Did you know that you can even stream YouTube to your television?  That’s right, for the past several years the technology has been available to stream YouTube videos directly to your television through projects and streaming media devices such as Apple TV and other similar products available on the market.  If you’ve been a bit hesitant about this great social media creation you shouldn’t be.  You should join the billions of others around the globe who are finding YouTube to be an amazing sensation and a great source of social media that everyone can enjoy.  Age is not a problem here; there is something on this social media site for everyone!

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