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Work, Train, Recover – Repeat!

Over the past year and a half my focus has been on continuing to develop business ventures, help clients grow theirs, and train myself physically and mentally. All of my activities have been extremely fun, and I’m seeing great progress in both the business world and fitness. I’ve done my first Powerlifting competition, and now preparing for the next with significant growth and improvements. I share some of these improvements in video blog/vlogs on YouTube as some readers may already know.

One thing I haven’t been updating is this blog! Honestly I figured uploading youtube videos would suffice, however I’m going to blog more regularly on various topics of interest. Actually there was a few issues with the control panel I used to manage this blog, but some of Thought Media‘s developers fixed it up for me 🙂

Lately I’ve really been focused on my diet and dietary habits. I discussed this on the latest YouTube vlog:

I’m cleaning up the simple carbs and excess sugars to help improve recovery from training. I’ve also started researching into ketogenic diets which are more focused on clean/healthy fats, protein, and some carbs. If I make the full Keto switch you’ll hear about it on youtube! 😀

Anyways, this blog is just to catch-up and say HEY.. I’ll be posting weekly on my website here, and continue to upload videos to the tube! Talk soon!

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