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When Did Everything Get So Damn Social?!

The use of social media use by businesses and individuals has been on the rise. As social creatures, humans reach out to other humans, even on the internet. If you’ve not developed a social media marketing strategy now is the time to think about starting one. Social media marketing is the future and if you don’t utilize it you’ll fall far behind your competition.

Facebook – Your Friends and Family Marketing Plan

Facebook - Adam EvansFacebook reached One Billion Users in 2012. One Billion. They show absolutely no signs of stopping. They continue to grow throughout the world. Individuals use Facebook for a multitude of purposes from recommending products and services to friends and family to coordinating uprisings such as the Arab Spring. Facebook has become so common that it’s considered weird if you don’t have a Facebook account. While Facebook’s initial IPO has been not as successful as hoped, Facebook developers continue to work to monetize it. What that means for businesses is more opportunities to purchase highly targeting advertising which leads to higher prospect to customer conversions.

LinkedIn Falling by the Wayside? Wrong!

People had just begun to wonder about the future of LinkedIn when it started to take off. They honed their place in the online world as where to go for ‘hiring solutions’. They’ve kept things interesting for those who want to be hired as well. They’ve expanded their profile development and have created more interaction amongst members. Social Media experts, such as those on Twit.tv are expecting that LinkedIn will stay strong and grow.

Tweeting the Day Away

Twitter - @itsadamevansWhile Twitter has been developing expansions of it’s own along with refining its API it has organically become a place that people turn to for news. There were over 20 Million Tweets send during the week of the Hurricane Sandy Disaster. People effected by Hurricane Sandy were tweeting from ground zero, informing the world of how they were and what things were like. Twitter often becomes a companion for quick social discussion such as during the US Presidential Debates.

While Twitter is still working on monetizing itself and communicating how it’s analytics measure up for social media marketing, one thing is clear, Twitter is growing at a rapid rate.

Want to Spend Your Life Watching YouTube? Well, You Can!

YouTube Adam EvansWhile largely unsung as a social media marketing platform, YouTube is gobbling up hours – even days! – of viewers attention. According to it’s own statistics, over four billion hours of video are watched every month. Holy crap! You could watch YouTube day and night and still never watch everything. Another thing to pay attention to; traffic from mobile devices has over tripled. People can now watch while they’re waiting for the Go Train, on their lunch break, essentially anywhere and everywhere. More than a million businesses are using Google ad platforms with YouTube and most of them are small businesses.

In the coming months, you need to work YouTube into your social media marketing strategy. With so many people watching, it’s a great place to get your products and services seen and purchased. Each video has an area for text description which also makes it favorable to the search engine robots until Google creates a solid way to measure video. An Online Marketing Company I work for, statusboom, is around to help you with your social media marketing needs. Visit the packages page on the statusboom website to choose the best package for your company, or give me a shout in the comments below or on any social media if you have any questions.

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