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Nike SwooshYour brand is important, don’t screw around!

When you see the Nike swoosh logo and immediately think of Michael Jordan, Air Jordans, or sneakers in general, you have successfully been targeted by the branding campaigns of Nike.  The Nike swoosh logo at one point was not well recognized or well known.  But through effective branding campaigns, the use of celebrity endorsed advertising and product quality, the logo has become known worldwide.  If you are a business owner trying to bring name recognition to your company, you too can make your products known by using brand design services.

Logo design services and brand design services are marketing strategies aimed at taking your ideas for your business and turning it in to a symbol, logo, or slogan that will create positive reflections of your company, product, or service by the targeted audience.  But there are many techniques involved in coming up with a winning brand for your company.  First of all, you want to really think about what message you are trying to convey with your logo.  Think about the main idea of your business; what you do, what you produce, what makes you unique, why you are better or the best.  Take the most positive attribute of your company and center your branding on those characteristics.

Thought MediaBut just because you own the business doesn’t mean that you alone have the best idea for creating your logo, that’s where a Toronto logo designer or company such as Thought Media (insert shameless plug here) can help you.  First, you’ll be getting a professional, outside perspective on your design concept.  You the owner may have had the idea for your business for a long time.  You may believe that you have the perfect brand design for your company.  But be flexible; trust an expert to help you to maximize your marketing investment.  Log design services are aimed at appealing to your targeted customers, not to your own personal opinion.  Keep your personal feelings out of it and think of what will actually draw traffic and traction to your business.

Yes, as the owner of your company, your brand should be pleasing to you, but more importantly, you will get the most bang for your buck if you make the focus of your brand design service the goals and objectives of the business.  Snuggle uses a teddy bear to infer softness, the Nike swoosh focuses on uniqueness.  A logo design service can take your niche and make it a brand.

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